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By: juliamatcs | September 04, 2017

Due to increasing scope of digital forensics, there has been an increase in the number of firms specializing in providing these services at a professional level. The growth of computers and related technology have served as an impetus for the growth of computer forensics. Many of you, who must have heard the term for the first time, might be wondering what it is about.

What is Digital Forensics?

It is a process of monitoring a technological device such as a computer to determine if a digital item has been hacked previously or, was or is being watched. Just because a file has been deleted doesn’t mean that it is away from the reach of a hacker. The technology is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the end user.

Over the last decade, we have seen an expansion in the market for spyware and malware. These programs let a hacker monitor user’s activities and get information about incoming and outgoing phone calls, GPS location, emails, messages, etc. Due to the nature of these activities, spyware and malware are considered under the sphere of cybercrimes. Using this software, a hacker can also trace your sensitive bank information including credit and debit card numbers, passwords, etc. If such sensitive account information reaches the hands of a miscreant, you can imagine the amount of financial loss it can cause you or your company.

In order to detect and prevent such crimes, computer forensics services come into play. Professional firms, such as Digital Wyzdom, offer their services for prevention and detection of such crimes. It has helped a number of IT and other firms, who save information digitally, to win a number of litigations. At times computer forensic services have helped in preventing leakage of highly sensitive company information related to upcoming projects.

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